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Hear what clients have to say about Manon's various services!

General and Multiservices


Cynthia Arseneault

Enseignante à la retraite

"I have been a student of Manon for the past 5 years in both of her Yin and Gentle Yoga classes and have also participated at a weekend Yoga retreat that she hosted. In addition, I have had the privilege of being a part of her practicum for her training in biodynamic craniosacral therapy certification. In all of these sessions, Manon exemplifies true professionalism and complete expertise in her disciplines. She not only understands the theory behind her teaching, she is able to explain and model her teachings to her students with a clear, comfortable and completely understandable delivery. Manon’s very social approach and in-depth knowledge base have allowed me completely trust her as an expert in her fields and to really enjoy her classes and sessions."



"Manon is a great inspiration in my life, she has provided me with the tools to help me discover myself more deeply. The many group yoga classes, as well as private sessions, allowed me to find a way to relax and to enjoy life's simple moments."

Lisa Levesque Chouinard 

Camping Manager and Stay at Home Mom

"I met Manon for the first time in her yoga class nearly 10 years ago. Since then, I have experienced a series of private sessions (together with my daughter), and many other Naturotherapy services. I love the way Manon teaches, her professionalism, and I love the person she is. She is true. I will keep working with her! Thank you."

Lisa Marie

Chemical Technician

"I have had the privilege to share many wonderful experiences with Manon during her yoga sessions, yoga retreats and most recently the Biodynamic craniosacral therapy. This therapy is absolutely amazing! In periods of high stress and fatigue, it brings me from a sense inner chaos to inner peace, calm and clarity. Manon is very knowledgeable, attentive, receptive, respectful, helpful and genuine. I am very thankful that our paths have crossed. She can truly guide you along in your journey."


Respiratory Therapist

"I was first blessed to meet Manon as a Holistic Nutritionist, whereby my body was healed from lifelong digestive problems that conventional medicine could not resolve. Then a private yoga lesson with her opened my eyes to the power of the mind in achieving overall health. Finally, Manon’s Yoga for Self Care classes pulled it all together, on this spiritual journey which ultimately led me to discover the best “me” possible. The icing on the cake was the Leap of Faith Tarot Card that kept resurfacing which led to me embarking on a new career path. I couldn’t be happier or healthier! Thanks Manon"


Lisenced Counselling Therapist

"Sessions with Manon feel like re-connecting three dear friends on a deep level: the mind, the body and a sense of autonomy. With her guidance I have developed a better partnership with my body, improved how it responds to stress and have learned how to release stored stress. It has been both healing and empowering. I highly recommend her services!"
Holistic Health Naturotherapy

(Somatic Experiencing®, Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy, and other holistic modalities)


Registered Dietitian

"Craniosacral therapy gave me relief from my physical pain and mental health struggles in an unexpected way. I just needed to show up and with Manon’s gentle guidance and support, healing started to naturally happen. I felt safe and I learned how to nurture my body through calming my nervous system. My 8-year-old daughter also benefited from craniosacral therapy for dealing with difficult emotions especially just before bedtime. This approach was helpful because we did not have to use words or talk about her feelings. We just needed to show up and be present. With Manon’s help, I now apply these techniques with my daughter almost daily."
"My sessions with Manon were very helpful. She helped me to see where in my life I was and to embrace myself, and to look at life through my eyes. Thanks Manon"


Retired Resident Attendant

"Manon is very professional, yet connects with clients. I experienced a treatment about 2 years ago and it was life changing. It brought me awareness to my brain functions, made me feel good and set me on a journey of healing. Forever grateful!"


Customer Service Agent

"I’ve been getting regular biodynamic craniosacral therapy treatments from Manon for about 3 months. This therapy has been a wonderful experience for me. My body has become much calmer and my nervous system has reacted very positively. Manon is very professional which makes the appointment very enjoyable, and the clinic atmosphere is so relaxing."

Karine Cormier

Barista and former chiropractic assistant

"I consulted Manon for a craniosacral treatment mainly out of curiosity. I had serious fatigue and feelings of "stored stress" in my body, after a long year of healing following a "burnout". I immediately felt good with Manon. She gave me the impression that I could trust her with my body and my feelings. We immediately discovered similar passions. I am blessed to have met her. I visit her here and there when I feel the need. Her mere presence makes me feel good and the treatment definitely has a gentle and comforting effect on my life."

Suzanne LeClair

Project Coordinator at GNB & Owner of Sukhino Metaphysical Products and Energetic Wellness

"Last Spring, over a couple of months, I noticed I was forgetting things more frequently than usual, my focus was out of wack to the point of feeling disoriented, and to add to this I hit my head twice within a couple of weeks. I spoke to Manon and she suggested I come in for a biodynamic craniosacral therapy session. Am I ever glad I took her up on that! First Manon is very welcoming & calm in her approach. I appreciated that she aligned the session to my needs and explained how she would proceed. I felt heard and safe. I can truly say that I felt the benefits immediately after the session, with improvements that continued within the days to follow, and are maintained months later. Highly recommended! Thank you Manon"


Dental Assistant


(Group Classes + Private Sessions)


Gestionnaire en soins de santé à la retraite

"I had the chance to take Yoga classes with Ms. Manon Laviolette face-to-face and online. Manon is very professional in her approaches, calm, generous in her transfer of information. We feel good and secure with Mrs. Laviolette."


Clinical Social Worker and Co-Owner of The Mind At Peace Center

"I was lucky to benefit from private yoga classes with Manon, she was attentive to my needs, patient with my lack of knowledge and very knowledgeable in the practice. She patiently took the time to ensure I had the right positions while explaining to me the reasons behind each of them and also listening to my body's messages. She is a great teacher for beginners and, I’m sure, with advanced students as well because of her immense background."



"Manon is a wonderful yoga teacher and a beautiful person."
Perinatal and Events


(Courses, Retreats, Workshops, etc.)



"Manon was present during the most important event of my life, the birth of my son. She helped my husband and I prepare for the arrival of our little treasure. She supported me a lot before, during and after the birth - a 100% natural birth of which I am incredibly proud!"


Yoga Teacher

"I had the chance to attend a Shamanic Yoga Retreat with Manon. She is so grounded that simply being in her presence just brings you back to yourself and what matters. She is very much in-tune with herself, everyone and everything that surrounds her, which brought a great harmonious feeling throughout the weekend. I left the retreat empowered and with great tools that I use every day. I am looking forward the next retreat."
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