Wisdom of the Heart

Yoga and Shamanism Retreat

Yoga & Shamanism Day Retreat 

October 20th, 2018

Charlo, NB


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To be announced!

Yoga and Shamanism Retreat


A 7-day life transforming retreat in a beautiful international location is in the works for 2010.


Stay tuned! 


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Past Retreats

A sneak peak of past retreats we've hosted at Les Aventuriers de Charlo, in Charlo NB.


Yoga & Nature Retreat - October 2013

Yoga, Music & Nature Retreat - September 2014

Yoga & Shamanism Retreat - September 2017

Bloom Into Spring Shamanic Day Retreat - May 2018

Special thanks to Jill Doucet and Suzanne LeClair for many of these photos.

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