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Women's Health &  Wisdom

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Healthy Mamas

Manon offers one-on-one Holistic Health Consultations & Coaching Programs, a personalized approach for the mind, body and spirit.


We begin with a comprehensive holistic nutrition assessment which includes nutritional, lifestyle and supplements recommendations. Each follow-up is tailored to the client's specific and individual needs and in addition to the nutritional, lifestyle and supplements recommendations, may include any of the following modalities.

  • Yoga session (Yin, Vinyasa, Restorative, Prenatal, Postnatal, Fertility)
  • Meditation & breathing techniques
  • Shamanic energy healing
  • Somatic experiencing 
  • Exercise prescription
  • Stress management
  • Recipes, kitchen-pantry-rehab, grocery store tours
  • and more...

Initial Consultation

Prior to the Initial Consultation, the client is required to complete some intake forms as well as a 7-day food and activity journal, which we go through thoroughly together. During this session, the client receives some nutritional, lifestyle and supplements recommendations and a plan for follow-ups.



Plan 75 minutes for this first visit.



Based on the clients unique needs, each follow-up may differ and include one or many of the modalities listed above.


$65      30 minute session

$90       60 minute session

$130    90 minute session


Holistic Health Coaching Programs

If you are seriously committed to your health, Manon also offers in depth 3-month and 6-month individualized Holistic Health Coaching Programs tailored to your specific needs, and with tons of support along the way.

Women's Health &  Wisdom

If you are struggling with any aspect of your mental, physical or spiritual health and have difficulty hearing that inner voice that you know is the only answer to turn your health crisis into a deep healing opportunity - this program is for you. Our body speaks loudly and clearly when we are not in alignment with our true path. In this program, you will learn to hear your body's messages and how it very clearly communicates with you. You will tap into your deepest inner feminine wisdom and embark on your healing journey so that you may realign to your life's deepest purpose.  Click here if you hear the call! 

Fertility & Family    Planning

This program is for you if you have struggled to conceive naturally, and you are seeking a holistic approach to your fertility. It is also perfect for women who plan on starting a family within the next couple of years - it's never too early to prepare yourself for pregnancy, childbirth and motherhood. In this program, you will be supported holistically so that you are optimally prepared, mind, body and spirit for the welcoming of your baby.  Click here if you are ready to clear any blocks that may be preventing you from conceiving your baby!

Healthy Mamas

This program is for you if you are currently pregnant or if you've recently had a baby - congrats! In this program, you will be supported holistically through the unique challenges and unique needs of pregnancy, childbirth and the postpartum period. Click here if you're ready to give yourself, your baby and your family the best possible start!