"I was first blessed to meet Manon as a Holistic Nutritionist, whereby my body was healed from lifelong digestive problems that conventional medicine could not resolve. Then a private yoga lesson with her opened my eyes to the power of the mind in achieving overall health. Finally, Manon’s Yoga for Self Care classes pulled it all together, on this spiritual journey which ultimately led me to discover the best “me” possible. The icing on the cake was the Leap of Faith Tarot Card that kept resurfacing which led to me embarking on a new career path. I couldn’t be happier or healthier! Thanks Manon " - Krista


"Manon is a great inspiration in my life, she has provided me with the tools to help me discover myself more deeply. The many group yoga classes, as well as private sessions, allowed me to find a way to relax and to enjoy life's simple moments. Manon was present during the most important event of my life, the birth of my son. She helped my husband and I prepare for the arrival of our little treasure. She supported me a lot before, during and after the birth - a 100% natural birth of which I am incredibly proud! Manon is a role model for me, a confidante and a friend." Lucie


"I was lucky to benefit from private yoga classes with Manon, she was attentive to my needs, patient with my lack of knowledge and very knowledgeable in the practice. She patiently took the time to ensure I had the right positions while explaining to me the reasons behind each of them and also listening to my body's messages. She is a great teacher for beginners and, I’m sure, with advanced students as well because of her immense background in studying the art. I also was lucky and grateful to utilize her services as a Naturotherapist (Holistic Health Coach). Dealing with infertility is not easy and she was always very compassionate, trying her best to understand the root of the difficulties. She was also very knowledgeable and was able to help me regulate my cycles, to help with balancing my hormones, and I felt the difference in my energy levels, overall health, acne issues, monthly cycles, etc. I would recommend her to anyone." - Marie-Pierre


"Manon has an authentic spirit that emerges through her various teachings. I love attending her yoga classes, yoga retreats and her one-on-one guidance. I always feel like I can be myself with her and she always knows how to ask the right questions to get me to tap into my intuition."Brandi


"I had the chance to attend a Shamanic Yoga Retreat, Manon is so grounded that simply being in her presence just brings you back to yourself and what matters. She is very much in-tuned with herself, everyone and everything that surrounds her, which brought a great harmonious feeling throughout the weekend. I left the retreat empowered and with great tools that I use everyday. I am looking forward the next retreat." - Brigitte 


"Manon is a wonderful yoga teacher and a beautiful person..." - Karen


"I have had the privilege to share many wonderful experiences with Manon during her yoga sessions, yoga retreats and Holistic Nutrition Consultations. She is very knowledgeable, attentive, receptive, respectful, helpful and genuine. I am very thankful that our paths have crossed. She can truly guide you along in your journey. Namaste ♡".  Lisa Marie


"I met Manon for the first time in her yoga class in Charlo, in 2013. Since that, I had the chance to do a series of private sessions (together with my daughter), a Holistic Nutrition Consultation , a Yoga Retreat, one online yoga session, an intuitive 3-Card Story Reading (using Tarot cards) via Skype and 4 additional series of Yoga classes. So it's obvious that I love the way Manon teaches, her professionalism, and that I love the person she is. She is true. I will keep working with her! Thank you. - Lisa 


"During the Summer of 2017 I had the privilege to participate in one of Manon’s 10-Week Yoga for Self-Care sessions. Those sessions were just at the right moment in my life where I was trying to find balance and practice mindfulness in my day to day life. One of the best part of the sessions was discovering for the first-time chanting meditation. To this day I still listen to those songs from time to time to help me relax and breathe. Thank you again for opening your home to us." - Sylvie


"I took two sessions of yoga classes with Manon in 2015-2016. I also requested a one-on-one session because yoga helped me to heal old sports injuries. I had a hard time to relax. That private session taught me the importance to stay connected, to focus on my breathing, relaxation and understanding the proper way to do the yoga postures. I felt really good after those sessions. I stopped for a while but I was back to it after few months. Presently every morning for the past 7 months, I am doing streches and Yoga for 30-40 minutes and focusing on my breathing. Yoga is part of my life now to stay. Thanks Manon" - Nicole