Up Close & Personal

I am a traveler, an explorer and lifelong student. I have travelled to over 25 countries, and have made my temporary home in many places, but I have always considered New Brunswick my Home. The base from which I fly and always return to.


Ben and I met at our first shamanic energy medicine training and married 10 months later. In 2017 we became proud parents to a very ambitious and beautiful little life force, Olivia. My family are my greatest teachers and dearest teammates on this Life's Journey. 


Our family's vision is to create a solid base in Dalhousie, New-Brunswick and a business that is truly aligned with our soul's deepest calling so that we may live abundantly and be able to truly offer our unique gifts to the world - individually and together as a family. Eventually, we plan to share our time between our homelands of Canada and Germany.


Interesting tid-bids

  • I'm most at peace sitting silently in a train, plane or ferry. It's through traveling that I truly learned how to value the journey, not just the destination.
  • I'm a recovering perfectionist and an aspiring "good-enoughist" (and huge fan of Brené Brown!)
  • I could live in leggings and yoga pants (wait, I do!)
  • I am deeply guided by my teacher Eoin Finn's mantra "Nothing to Prove. Everything to Share."
  • My husband's favorite quote of mine is "Farting isn't funny, it's a sign of poor digestion!".
  • I can't do handstands. And yes, I'm still a yoga teacher.